• Tom Chandler

     Metallurgical Engineer

  • Nonferrous Metallurgical Process Engineer, with 5 decades of experience in copper alloys. ...a global business perspective, founded from key industrial experiences in technical materials management, quality assurance, marketing, and sales management.
    Currently, specializing in copper alloy process design, materials sourcing, and applications for Cadi Company in Naugatuck, CT
    1. Technical Management -

    Materials process engineering, quality systems (ISO 9000), applications, and material acquisition, supplier selection, and material standards and specifications.
    2. Sales Management -

    A successful track record as National Sales Manager for a diverse line of specialty copper products, success through providing metallurgical-based solutions and added value for the customer.
    3. Marketing and Product Management -

    Sales forecasting, pricing, and primary contact for key customer accounts, also product mix optimization, product development, technical sales support
    4. Technical Management with QA/QC -

    Metallurgical manager of large support staff with extensive laboratory facilities for two manufacturing locations.

    Data Management - Systems management LAN, Equipment and business management software acquisition and management .


    • Copper Alloy Process Metallurgy - Heat Treatable Coppers with extensive experience in rod/wire extrusion processing and troubleshooting
    • Alloy Applications specializing in heat treatable, high strength, high conductivity copper alloys.
    • Welding, Brazing, and Resistance welding, wrought copper alloys, high-temperature applications.
    • Marketing, market analysis, and product pricing.
    • Strategic positioning
    • Process equipment acquisition, capital projects
    • Support of industry standards through Copper Development Association - copper alloy rod machining handbook committee
    • American Welding Society - materials standards development support
    • Web page development and promotion.


  • CV

    Most Recent - descending

    Metallurgical Consulting

    Metallurgical Engineering Consultant - Copper Alloys Metals for Cadi Company
    – Present 
    • Copper alloy applications 
    • Process definition and troubleshooting.
    • Supplier process development and process specification. 
    • Customer requirement /Supplier capability liaison.
    • Continuous Improvement programs.
    • Material performance evaluation 
    • General metallurgical evaluations and investigations.
    • Technical writing, marketing strategies, competitive advantage.

    Cadi Company, Inc.

    Materials Engineering Executive, Marketing, Sales and Sourcing
    – present
    Process Engineering, Materials Specification Engineering, Raw Materials Sourcing, Material properties Specification, Supplier evaluation, and training.

    ISO 2001 Tech Committee Chair,
    Many technical responsibilities from metallurgy, customer complaint resolution, and opportunity development.

    Telecommunications and LAN management.

    Phelps Dodge Specialty Copper Products (Bayway}

    National Sales Manager 
    – 1999
    Sales and Marketing Responsibilities
    Annual Sales Budget, Five Year Long range planning 
    New Product development and implementation -Successfully Introduced and managed process development of key RWMA Copper Alloys to Bayway
    Corporate Training - Thunderbird School of Global Management
    Corporate Quality Team member - traveling to many other PD facilities.

    Upgraded and managed Novell LAN, as an aside

    Ansonia Copper & Brass ( aka ARCO Metals - American Brass)

    Metallurgical Manager / and Product Manager 
    – 1993
    Initially ARCO Metals - Anaconda American Brass, later ESOP ( employee stock ownership plan).
    Held two positions here moving from Metallurgical Manager to Product Manager - Marketing
    • As Product Manager - Sales Forecasting, Product Pricing, Customer Support Technical, Budget Input - Sales,, Direct Sales Key Accts , MRPII System support, Technical and Sales Presentations to customers and direct major account responsibility.
    • Initially as Metallurgical Manager -- Managed technical staff of 28 metallurgists, technicians and clerical staff in all things technical and QA, QC- chem and physical labs, long range planning for two mfg facilities( 5 year plan) , etc
    • ESOP buyout committee for employees of AC&B
    • Working at Ansonia provided the basis for major growth of my experiences and skills. This was a unique world class mill that had one of the most unique product mixes of any copper alloy rod mill in the world with over 80 alloys. Great support from corporate R&D as well as exposure to seasoned metallurgists who had developed their careers at American Brass.

    Handy & Harman

    Manager - Production Metallurgy 
    – 1980
    • Managed Metallurgical Engineering Staff In manufacture Of Precious Metals Processing for sheet, Tube, Rod, and wire products., including Melting, Casting, Hot rolling, Extrusion
    • Some Travel - Sales Support , New Equipment Selection
    • Technical process support and QA of manufacture of silver brazing filler metals, silver contact alloys and composites, karat gold tubing, sterling silver for jewelry, flatware, and coin silver numismatic applications. Worked with hundreds of alloys in many market sectors - one of the most rewarding and best growing experiences in my career and my first management experience.... a metallurgist's "dream" job.

    Handy and Harman Precious Metals - Fairfield, CT

    Production Metallurgy - Wire Mill Metallurgist 
    – 1975
    Area Metallurgiist Precious Metal Wire Manufacturing, supervised 2 technicians
    Equipment Operating Procedures
    Mill Process SOP's

    Olin Corporation- Brass Division - East Alton

    Metallurgist - Process Engineer 
    – 1973
    Area Manufacturing Metallurgist
    Specialty - Process Troubleshooting - Annealing
    • Conducted ground breaking studies on the affect of impurities on annealing and applied the same to mill processes
    • Equipment Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • New Equipment start up procedure development.. TIG strip butt welding; Roller Hearth annealing furnace.
    Working at Olin Brass as my first post graduate job provided an excellent basis for the remainder of my career with copper alloy processing. Olin Brass was and remains to be a respected world class mill with technical manufacturing and marketing expertise leading the industry. 
    Note: now Global Brass and Copper

    Allegheny Ludlum - Brackenridge, PA

    Quality Control Observer - Metallurgical Department 
    – Aug 1968
    Worked three summers here while attending college in various departments as QC Observer - Process documentation.
    • Open Hearth Melting and Ingot casting 
    • Electric Arc Furnace Melting,
    • BOF
    • Hot Mill & Cold finishing,
    Gained familiarity with processing for a variety of specialty stainless steels, as well as silicon steels for power transformers.
    I learned the value of the knowledge of the shop-floor worker here at AL, a valuable early learning experience for me that carried through my career.

    Allegheny Ludlum was my first mill experience, often working 12 hour shifts, 6-7 day/week . This provided an invaluable insight into the responsibilities and potential value of metallurgical technical support in this type of environment.
  • US and European Patents for Rail Transit Overhead Contact Wire



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    Physical Metallurgy

    Copper Alloy Metals


    Process Engineering

    Global Sourcing

    Technical Writing -  
    A Most Viewed writer and awarded Top Writer for 2018  for www.Quora.com
    in Metals, Copper, and Metallurgy, and other topics.

    Marketing and Sales


    Purdue University

    BS MSE Metallurgical Engineering 1965 - 1969

    Activities: Math and Science Honors, Kappa Sigma Social Fraternity

    New Kensington High School

     1962 - 1965

    Math and Science Honors, Senior Choir

    Activities: National Honor Society
    Varsity Basketball Assistant Manager

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    Vince Desmond
    Vice President Processing Sales at International Metals Processing

    Tom is the best metallurgical engineer I've ever known & I've known a large amount of them. He has seen and helped firms in what metal to use and what tempers to order it and also advise firms what and how to work the metal and exactley how to make the product. He's OUTSTANDING.

    Ronald Pratt
    Executive VP at Cadi Company, Inc.

    Tom has devoted his entire career to the field of copper and copper alloys. He is considered an authority in this area. His expertise as a metallurgist provided analysis and solutions to numerous problems.